Indian Head Massage

What Indian Head Massage Is

Indian head massage is a safe, simple, yet effective therapy, used to reduce stress, aid relaxation, provide relief from aches and pains and promote healthy hair and scalp. Massage has always played an important role in Indian life and is featured in early Ayurvedic texts that date back nearly 4000 years. In India today, people often receive a daily massage from birth, to keep them in good health, and massage is an integral part of family life. In the early 1980s, a blind man named Narendra Mehta brought the formalised techniques of Indian Head Massage to England and began to run training courses and workshops to teach therapists how to practise this Eastern way of working. Narendra Metha bases his Indian Head Massage techniques on ‘Ayurveda’, which is an ancient Indian medical system based on seven ‘Chakras’ or energy centres in the body. The flow of energy around the body and through the Chakras is believed to have a great impact on a person’s well-being and health.

How Indian Head Massage Works

Indian head massages works on the three higher Chakras of the body, the crown Chakra located at the top of the head, the third eye Chakra located in the middle of the forehead and the throat Chakra located inside the throat. The seven Chakras of the body work together, so a dysfunction in any one will eventually build up and spiral to the head, leading to feelings of stress and tension. Indian Head Massage works on the highest Chakras to bring the whole body back into balance. When we are stressed we often notice this as tension in our head, neck, shoulders and even our eyes. Indian Head Massage involves working with a firm but gently rhythm to unknot blockages and relieve the build up of tension. Indian Head Massage is not just physical and can work on an emotional level too by promoting relaxation, relieving stress and calming the spirit.

The Benefits of Indian Head Massage

• Provides a feeling of deep relaxation and total well-being
• Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
• Relaxation of the muscles
• Relief from headaches and migraine
• Stimulation of hair growth
• Improvement in concentration and memory
• Alleviation of eye strain
• Soothes skin leaving it healthy and soft
• Relief from emotional strains such as depression, anxiety and grief
• Reduces insomnia and sleep problems
• Increases confidence and self-esteem

Total Contradictions to Indian Head Massage

The following conditions cannot be treated with Indian head massage:
• Fever
• Contagious or infectious disease
• Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Recent operations or acute injuries
• Open wounds to the head or severe psoriasis
• During the first trimester of pregnancy

Medical Cautions to Indian Head Massage

The following conditions can only be treated with Indian head massage once it has been approved prior to a treatment in writing by your GP:
• Cardiovascular conditions such as thrombosis, hypertension, angina, those fitted with pace makers or with heart conditions
• Pregnancy
• Oedema
• Diabetes
• Psoriasis or eczema
• High blood pressure
• Osteoporosis
• Trapped nerves
• Receiving medical treatment or have a condition that might be affected by treatment, such as HIV infection, MS, epilepsy or cancer

What an Indian Head Massage Treatment Includes

During an Indian Head Massage treatment the client is sat upright, leaning onto the massage couch, supported fully by pillows and cushions. The therapist begins by ‘grounding’ the client by holding their head, which helps to relax the client initially. Next the therapist will apply specialist Indian massage oil to the client’s hair and scalp and perform a deep, invigorating head massage. An Indian Head Massage treatment also includes a firm yet soothing massage to the client’s upper back, shoulders, neck, chest and arms. To finish, the client will receive a light facial massage, which promotes drainage and removal of toxins. This treatment is incredibly stimulating as it increases blood flow to the brain, however it will often leave the client feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful.


Full Indian Head Massage Treatment (1 hour)