Holistic Therapies in the Workplace

Karuna Holistics can also offer the benefits of holistic therapies in the workplace. By treating individual staff at work, we aim to relax, refresh and revitalise employees. This will have an immediate influence on their well-being, morale and mood. In the longer term, the benefits to staff (and the workforce) include increased productivity, enhanced job satisfaction and a reduction in the number of stress related sick days taken.  All you need to provide is a quiet, private and warm space  - we will do the rest!

Karuna Holistic Therapies Provide

  • A FREE initial telephone consultation to discuss requirements and to create a tailored plan for the day
  • One or more fully qualified and insured therapist(s)
  • A treatment sign-up sheet that can placed in a communal area for easy staff sign-up
  • Necessary equipment, including massage couches, towels and oils
  • 20% off vouchers for all staff, for a treatment with Karuna Holistic Therapies
  • Complete aftercare advise to all staff following their treatment

Benefits to the Employer

  • Demonstrates commitment towards your staff
  • Increases productivity and the overall efficiency of your workforce
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Employees return to work relaxed, refreshed and focussed.
  • Boosts morale and motivation

Benefits to the Employee

  • Relieves physical and emotional tensions
  • Releases tension held in neck and shoulders caused by intense, prolonged concentration on a computer screen or standing for long periods
  • Stimulates endorphins, the natural feel good chemicals
  • Boosts immune and circulatory systems
  • Improves concentration
  • Promotes a feeling of recognition and reward at work

Prices and Who Pays?

There are three basic payment options; fully funded by the employer, fully funded by the employee or subsidised by the employer. Costs are calculated on a full day or half day rate for one holistic therapist and one client per 30 minute session.

Full Day
9am-5pm = £350

Half Day
9am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm = £200

Hourly Rate
(if less than 5 hours) = £50 per hour.

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